Meet The Candidate: Ish Boyle For Alexandria School Board

Ish Boyle, a Marine Corps veteran and father of two ACPS students, is running for Alexandria School Board in District A.

ALEXANDRIA, VA — As Alexandria's Nov. 2 general election nears, one of the races voters will decide is the Alexandria School Board. READ FULL ARTICLE

The school board is made up of three districts, each of which has three board members who serve a three-year term. Members who are elected in the Nov. 2 election will take office in 2022. Voters will either vote for Alexandria School Board District A, B or C depending on which district they live in. There are five candidates running for three seats in District A, seven candidates running for three seats in District B, and three candidates running for three seats in District C.

One of the District A candidates is Ish Boyle, a father of two ACPS students and Marine Corps veteran who now works in cybersecurity. For more information about the upcoming election in Alexandria, visit

Age (as of Election Day)

40 Position sought (mayor, city council, school board, etc.)

School Board Party Affiliation Independent (Non-Partisan) Family Spouse: Colleen, Children: Luke (10), Will (7), Foster puppy: Spot (2.5 months) Does anyone in your family work in politics or government? no Education United States Naval Academy Occupation Cyber Security and entrepreneurship (10 yrs) Previous or Current Elected or Appointed Office N/A Campaign website